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Upgrade to Gold

Gold Membership gives you the power to control your page. It allows you to provide more details that are sure to attract more customers.

Friday night and the business is empty? add an offer that will entice customers to visit within a time frame set by you.

Let customers know you will be showing the live match!

Stock reaching its end of life? Edit your page to apply exclusive offers (2-4-1 on the item this weekend only!)

Outdoor Restaurant
Provide Additional Offers
Entice more people with exclusive HHHK offers
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Custom Promotions
Get creative with your offers
Additional Details
Give people an idea of what sort of establishment you run, and tell them what makes your business a good one to drink at!
Show Full Menu
Let people look at the menu to before arriving.
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Stand out from the rest
Only businesses with the Gold membership will stand out from the crowd on the map with a gold star. this lets people know that when they click on your business, there'll be more information than other bars.
Plus there's a chance they will get more exclusive offers!
Features of Gold
With Gold Membership, provide full details about your Happy Hour including​:
Star icon
When people are searching for bars, Gold Members will stand out with a star icon
Custom Happy Hour specials
Get creative with what offers you provide for your Happy Hour promotions
Include your drink and food menu for the curious customers
Entice users with a description of your bar
Add more pictures
Choose to add pictures of your business such as the decor, bar or cocktails
Top search
Feature at the top of user searches
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Missy Ho's

Having a Gold membership for my bar allows me to have access to edit my account to attract more customers. We also stand out on the map which is a great feature.

riverside Grill.jpg


Riverside Grill

Tseung Kwan O is a growing district for bars and restaurants so its great to be featured on the Happy hour app which is helping us attract new customers to our venue.




I like finding great happy Hour offers and this app helps me find cheap drinks at the touch of a button.

Friends Drinking Beer

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